Terry Wakefield

Philosophy & Objective

After more than thirty-five years of executive-level experience, I have a keen appreciation for effective collaboration, mutual trust and unyielding integrity. Combined with competence and enlightened strategic vision, these attributes lay the foundation for the creation of significant economic value.

Another necessary ingredient for value creation is opportunity. While our society has experienced an almost unimaginable technological transformation over the past decade, many process-centric environments remain mired in a paper-intensive and manually-dependent operating mode. Many factors contribute to the perpetuation of antiquated operational infrastructure. The primary culprit is an executive-level under appreciation of the importance of detailed process architecture. Without a step-level description of process optimization, it is virtually impossible to understand how technology, removal of non-value added tasks and a cross-functionally trained workforce can combine to significantly reduce operating expenses and simultaneously improve customer service delivery.

Over the past twenty years, we have continually evolved a suite of process architecture tools that apply to any operating environment that is: process-centric; paper-intensive; and, manually-dependent. Whether processing loan applications or modifications, insurance applications or claims or higher education admissions or financial aid applications, our process architecture tools produce an optimized environment that typically reduces annual direct labor costs by anywhere from 50% to 70%. Due to my confidence in our ability to significantly reduce annual operating expenses, we seek to tie our compensation to the economic benefit realized by our clients. This philosophy creates an alignment of purpose and promotes effective collaboration and mutual trust.


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